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Where Many Bond Into One For Generations

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Picking an airline for your African Family Legacy Safari is much more than selecting the lowest price.

Three other factors need to be shuffled into the selection deck--Safey, Security and Service.

It was because of these Three S's of Service, Safety and Security that my wife and I picked British Airways to travel half-way around the world and back.

Let me explain why we picked British Airways, and why we encourage everyone to thoroughly control the selection of any airline on your Legacy Safari.


The first and foremost reason was Safety.

We have two children and four grandchildren whom we are in daily contact with. We are grandpa and grandma to them, as well as friends and buddies.

Since this trip is a path finding one where we are paving paths for future trips for our children and grandchildren, the idea of safety plays a huge role.


Experience and history serve as the great measures of Safety Evaluation. For well over two generations, British Airways offers an exemplary safety record.

More importantly, it is a pioneer in traveling to Africa. In its early days, the airline carved air routes into Africa. The experience of building a team on the ground who maintain the aircraft cannot be understated.


In the Security arena, the British carry the highest reputation for proactive security. In today's climate, one cannot select an airline without giving valuable consideration to its efforts and experience in protecting its passengers from a wide range of events.

To underscore the security aspect, British Airways recently allocated 100 million pounds to heighten its security systems, offering its passengers increased safety and peace-of-mind during a flight.

The British nation, as well as its top business elements, are connected in high level of vigilance to insure not only the safety of its citizens, but also of all who travel to or in or from their country.


Service is the exemplary tribute to British Airways. The airlines has its marketing ear to the rail regarding the needs of passengers, and is innovative in delivering needs and wants to its passengers. The horizontal option for stretching out completely on long flights added to BA's ability to serve.

Quality consideration of passenger's needs, from economy to first class, permeates the cabins.

There is also the elegance of British hospitality that cannot go unnoticed.

Taking a Family Safari Legacy on British Airways provides one with a introduction to the pleasures of Africa itself. There is a hospitable nature to Africa that is pulsed by starting and finishing with British Airways.

Upon arrival to and departing from Africa, the adventure begins and ends with the graciousness of service, backed by timeless security and safety.

Booking a flight with your loved one or loved ones, or just for yourself, should not be a function of price alone. The vigilant traveler wants assurances and insurances that he or she will arrive safe and secure.

If there is one airline that stands above others in the Safe and Secure arena, and whose Service stands as tall as a Legacy itself, it is the Legacy of all airlines--British Airways.

Please take the time to book your flight with'll find the adventure begins there.

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