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Interviews With Lodge Managers

(Note: This portion of the site is under development. Since I haven't yet gone on the safari, I cannot give first-hand reports. I have contacted various lodge managers with information for an interview. I will be writing articles about them for various magazines and publications, as well as posting their stories and anecdotes here for your review. Also, in the future, as our readership grows, if you have a story or experience you'd like to share, we'll be happy to post it on our site. Cliff McKenzie)

What makes a great Legacy Safari lodge?

Or a great Legacy Safari campsite?

Africa offers a wide range of places to stay, from exclusive five-star lodges, to pristine, ruggedly basic campgrounds for the more hearty and budget minded.

In this section, we'll profile certain lodges, their management and amenities that appeal to both families and corporate Legacy Safari travelers.

More importantly, we'll highlight key people at the lodges and campsites, including stories about them and their desire to serve those who travel to Africa under a Safari Legacy Passport..

Because we haven't yet made our journey, this part of the site is not fully developed. Currently, Zainab with Auram Safaris, is working with selected lodge managers to map our Legacy Safari through Eastern Africa.

I have a series of articles for various magazines and newspapers I will be writing on each of the properties. Additional information will be posted on this website.

The following are some of our goals during our journey. While we will be promoting the value of the African Legacy Safari, we will also be examining and recording the values and benefits of the lodges and campsites we visit for our editors and readers in general circulation travel publications.

Here are some of our African Safari Legacy goals:


      Certifying certain lodges and private campsites as Official Legacy Safari Lodges/Campsites.

      A set of qualifications will be established to rate various lodges/campsites as Official Legacy Safari Lodges/Campsites (OLSL). These ratings will range from luxury to basic.

      We hope that in the near future management of selected Legacy Safari lodges/campsites will agree to provide the Legacy Safari traveler(s) a certification stamp in their Legacy Safari Passport, affirming their visit to the lodge, and providing a record for future generations of the travelers where they stayed.


       Urging lodges/campsites to promote the African Legacy Safari concept through their advertising and promotion. We will provide qualified lodges/campsites with selected Legacy Safari marketing materials at no cost that assist them in increasing bookings to this select group of travelers. These materials will be available from our website in the form of pdf files for easy downloading. As we are in the process of developing the materials as part of our path-finding trip, the materials are not now available. When they are, Safari Legacy lodges/campsites will be notified.


      We hope to assist lodges/campsites promote their own legacy to the Safari Legacy traveler. Lodges and campsites contain deep roots tied directly to the Legacy of Africa itself. A Legacy Traveler who stays at a Legacy Location, may overlook the Lodge Legacy. Our goal is to help the lodge/campsite enhance its historic legacy in the eyes of the Safari Legacy Traveler, blending it with the legacy of the land and the roots of all civilization. This becomes important to the Legacy Traveler who is being urged to book future trips to Africa, and to encourage his or her friends, relatives, children and grandchildren to come to Africa on their own Legacy Safari. Under this theory, a Legacy Traveler represents a series of future generational travelers. The stronger link a lodge creates between the Legacy Traveler and the lodge's own Legacy, the greater odds future Legacy Travelers will seek this lodge/campsite during their Legacy Journey. Legacy Traveler.


I have found that most of the people I speak with who live and work in Africa, radiate its magic and wonderment. They exemplify Oneness with Nature--human nature as well as with their nature allies.

They are living human legacies.

Managers, staff and support personnel within lodges and campsites, whether representing ultra luxurious or economical facilities, each contain a rich history worthy of sharing. Human legacies gleaned from the support staffs within Africa become some of the most vivid and memorable imprints that a Legacy Traveler can pass on to future generations.

On our journey, my goal is to delve deeply into the history of everyone I meet. I've found the best stories are often the ones buried in the souls of people, that range back through their past generations, and are summed by who they are today and what they do.

The great human legacy for the Legacy Safari Traveler is coming to know himself or herself in a new and more honest way. Being at the core of human existence, with its natural beauty and incredible wildlife, stirs the genes and unlocks codes that take us all back to natural selves. This desire to be One with Nature and the magic of Africa is stirred by the sharring of Africa's magic by the people who serve it up--the tour guides, employees, managers and staff of lodges.

A mother and daughter, son and father, grandparent and grandchild, or simply man and woman, or significant other, who undergo a Legacy Safari agree to open themselves up from the inside out as they journey from one lodge to another. It is the journey of "people" sharing with "people" that blends all who travel to Africa to become "Africans In Legacy."

Many of us who may be termed, "wound tight," loosen to the music of Africa's majestic history. Barbed wire wrapped around our emotional walls from civilizations modern drum beats turn dull and rust as we see and feel ourselves slipping back to the center of our being. Differences between cultures fade until we begin to walk in the shoes of one another. We begin to bare our inner Oneness, and the Legacy Safari's true value begins to ripen.

One of my best friends is a shaman. He is an American Indian, from the Ojibway Tribe. We've spent hours discussing the journey of life from his culture's point of view.. When he tells me the stories of Indian lore, I become one. Whatever genes I have that make me Scotch/Irish evaporate, and I become a child of the Ojibway. I am of the clan, rowing a canoe with a rabbit sitting in the bow, laughing at me. In Africa, I believe I will encounter that same sense of becoming One With Africa.

Legacies of human existence are pervasive and elemental. In any culture one can immerse himself or herself into becoming part of that experience, but, unless one walks the walk, that experience is shallow and limited.

The African Legacy Safari allows everyone to walk into the heart of their own existence. There is no debate that our evolutionary existence was launched in this wonderful land, and that we stood upright and began to hunt and search the far reaches of the earth from this nucleus.

And, once we realize this, once we understand that our Fountain of Existence is Africa, we let the shields of our diversity and cultural barriers slip away. We become Africa in greater or lesser degrees.

The Legacy becomes heightened when we see it in the people who work in the lodges to make our journey memorable. If we understand their purpose is to help us become inspired to return to Africa, and to bring all those we love and care about at some time in the future, then we are on the right "Legacy Safari Path."

History belongs to us all. Human history is the property of the past, the present and the future, and when we immerse ourselves in the "African Experience" we become One with Africa. We return to our homes with "earth of Africa" under our nails, and embedded in our flesh. We have visited a far-distand "homeland" that is worthy of passing on to future generations.

I hope to bring this sense of "Oneness" close to the hearts of all who embark on a Legacy Safari.

But the real messengers of this story will be the lodge staffs, employees, managers, guides and safari companies who make it possible for everyone to unite their present with their ultimate "Oneness Past."